Rock n Roll Napper Leather Unisex Shoes


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Product Description

*** Model is small. Please order one size bigger than you normally would , please make sure you measure your feet and order the correct size ***

Rockabillys and Rockabellas will surely find many reasons why this shoe is missing in the collection at the sight of this Bleyer Swing and Rock’n Roll Lace-up in black and white nappa leather in two tone look. The precisely crafted model made from the soft natural leather material lets the feet breathe and offers a hidden heel pad in its full-length sole, which of course should not be missing in all the kicks and changes. Slipperiness and a light and dry feel at all times are also part of it. And you certainly do not have to say a word about the perfect retro look for men and women.

surface material: leather
Width: normal
Sole: PU sole
Special feature: two-tone look

Bleyer Shoes are made in Germany

*** Model is small. Please order one size bigger than you normally would ***


Please note:

Due to the many different variations in shoe sizes from brand to brand it is best to make your shoe selection based on your actual foot measurement.

If your foot measurement is between length sizes, it’s best to select the longer size shoes.

Full size shoes cater for regular width foot. Half sizes cater better for a wider foot.

How To Correctly Measure Your Foot Length:

Place your foot on a piece of paper on a hard flat surface.

With a pencil or pen draw around your foot keeping the pencil/pen at 90 degrees.

Take the piece of paper and measure from the center of your longest toe to the center of the heel.

This measurement will be your shoe length.

Repeat this process for your other foot.

When you measure your feet you may find one foot is longer than the other, and this is quite normal. Use the larger size foot when making your shoe size selection from the size options above.